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  Private Hangzhou Tea Cultural Day Tour
Private Hangzhou Tea Cultural Day Tour

Tour Type: A private tour for your family or your friends exclusively
Duration: Approx.8 hours
Pick-up point and time: Your Hotel around 9:30am
Finishing point and time: Your Hotel around 7:00pm
langugue: English

Hangzhou is a famous leisure city in China. All kinds of teahouses are dotted here and there in the city. One of its most famous local products is Dragon Well Tea, reputedly one of the country’s ten best types. Local peole have a long history of drinking green tea.

Pick up from your hotel in Hangzhou and go to City God Temple  in old downtown area.,get a bird”s eye view of the city.

Then continue to visit Meijiawu Tea Village. Meijiawu has long been well known for its Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea tradition. It is a good place to understand the brilliant past and equally bright future of tea in China.
 experience the traditional method of making Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea as well drinking, picking, smelling or buying. Hangzhou is famous for its Longjing Tea, the best green tea in China

After that, have lunch in the tea village.,you will have some local food such as Tea Chicken and Dongpo Pork
Then head to China National Tea Museum. It is the only national tea museum in China. The museum is surrounded by groves of tea trees and the area is beautifully manicured. The museum itself is a comprehensive museum and has descriptions in English and Chinese.

Then you are taken to big tea house called QingTeng tea house in the city center
Qing Teng Teahouse is a chain of teahouses. But when you stepped into this teahouse at Yuanhua Plaza, you would not imagined being in a building. The recreation of a teahouse atmosphere is almost surreal.

You have a choice of private booths which can accommodate up to a group of six, private rooms, open area ( you may choose to sit near to the stage to listen to live classical chinese string instruments). There is a whole range of tea you can order ranging for CNY68 & above. The buffet, comprising of local appetisers, main courses, desserts and munchies comes free with it. Some of the dishes are Hangzhou's specialities eg. fatty pork with glutinous rice (wrapped as dumpling).

After the whole day tour, you are returned to your hotel in Hangzhou.

Price :we charge it by Per group,Not per person.

Travelling Party Tour Cost Per group
1 person 160 USD
2-3 persons 220 USD
4-6persons 300 USD


all fees included and there is no hidden/extra surcharge!


1.Entrance fees as listed
2.Transportation and Englsih Speaking guide


Tea Plantations in Hangzhou

Text & Images - Copyright © 2009 Kevin Hulsey

Hangzhou's West Lake district in Zhejiang province is one of the birthplaces of Chinese green tea. Tea was accidentally discovered by Emperor Shen Nung (aka the Shennong, Yan Emperor or "Emperor of the five grains") over 5,000 years ago, when it was found to be an antidote against the poisonous effects of some herbal medicines.

Although a significant amount of Chinese tea production has moved to the mountains around the town of Xinchang, the West Lake district is still an important source for the highest quality "Dragon Well" tea.

Tea Plantations

"Longjing" Dragon Well Tea

The term "Longjing" or "Lungching" means "Dragon Well," which derives its name from the beneficent dragon that is said to live in local wells. An ancient Chinese legend tells of a severe drought during which a local Taoist monk summoned up a lucky dragon. When the monk he prayed to the lucky dragon, the dragon created the rain that saved the crops.

Dragon Well Tea Plantations
Hangzhou Longjing Tea Garden in Dragon Well Village

The Dragon Well tea plants are in the Camellia plant family (Camellia sinensis), which has a fairly nondescript smell or taste when fresh. The tea leaves are picked from late March to early April, when the new leaves appear. Tea cultivation is a labor intensive business, as all picking is done by hand so that the young leaves are not damaged.

Tea leaves are pan-dried immediately after picking to prevent oxidation and bacterial growth. They then are rolled by hand to squeeze out excess moisture and to release flavor enzymes. The leaves are finally fired in large driers and packed.

Picking the Dragon Well Tea Leaves

The pan-drying or "pan-firing" method of drying tea leaves requires skill, as a temperature must be maintained that will have the best results for the size, tenderness, and volume of the tea leaves.

Drying the Dragon Well Tea Leaves

When properly brewed, the tea will turn a light green color and have a delicate, herbaceous, and somewhat tangy flavor. The green color is maintained by letting the boiling water cool to the correct brewing temperature (around 75 degrees Celsius) so as not to destroy the natural chlorophyl in the tea.

Imperial Dragonwell Tea

In ancient China the "Imperial Dragonwell tea" was picked for the Emperor by young virgins, who used gold scissors to cut only the first leaf, which was placed into a golden basket. Legend has it that the young virgin tea-pickers also used only their teeth to pluck the youngest leaves.

Tea Plantations

The name "Imperial Dragonwell" is still used today, denoting the use of only the finest young tea leaves. Bagged tea that is labeled "Imperial Dragonwell" or "Lungching Dragonwell" should be avoided as only the lowest grade of tea leaves are used for tea bags.

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